F.N.A.® himalaya

Something about Himalaya salt

Natural salt with a healing action.

Natural crystal salt , preserved for millions of years, has elements our body needs to neutralise toxins and regulate the balance of our energy needs. Most of the licking stones contain 99,9 % Natrium Chloride with artificial added minerals. The F.N.A. licking stones have only natural elements like irons and magnesium for example

Natural minerals of this kind, pure and ca. 550 million years of age, are indispensable for your horse. F.N.A.  licking stones are free of pollution. They have no expiration date when stocked out of humidity. Natural salt is very hard, so animals won’t bite in them like the do with artificial stones. It is good to know that animals, thanks to there natural instinct,  will only take what they need. So you don’t need to worry that your horse will take an excessive amount of minerals.

Local product control and proper processing.

The mining and elaboration of our licking stones in the Himalayas are a pure manual work. They distinguish themselves in colour and form. After drying they are wrapped in foil piece by piece, packed in cardboard boxes and directly shipped in containers. This working process is a pure adult business,  so don’t worry about child labour.

 F.N.A. licking stones are not industrially made and so are of a very high bio-energetic value. In this capacity it is the highest quality salt you can find. In contrast with the industrial stones and compressed stones they are very resistant to humidity.

F.N.A licking stones:

  • have a drilled hole and can be hung up thanks to the included rope
  • are very hard so horses can’t bite in it
  • your horse will only take what it needs
  • have no expiration date when stocked out of humidity
  • answer to the food quality (Codex Alimentarius)

Since it is a natural product, small deviations may appear

F.N.A.® Himalaya licksalt 12.5 Kg

F.N.A.® Himalaya cilinder licksalt 100x55mm

F.N.A.® Himalaya heart 180gr

F.N.A.® Himalaya conical licksalt 2.6

F.N.A.® Himalaya licksalt 2.75 Kg

F.N.A.® Himalaya licksalt 8-12 Kg