F.R.A.® green clay shampoo

This Shampoo with Montmorillonite & Rhassoul clays and essential oils deeply cleanses and degreases the coat thanks to the purifying properties of clay which absorbs impurities. Particularly effective on encrusted stains.The coat is bright and soft, whatever its color.
Montmorillonite green clay gently cleanses with exceptional absorption capacity. Rhassoul clay acts on the hygiene of the dermis and the coat while respecting the lipid film of the skin. The Essential Oils of Ber gamot, Exotic Verbena, Tea Tree reinforce the tonic, protective and purifying effects and participate in the softness of the hair.
Directly derived from formulations used in human cosmetics, this is an ultra qualitative product. Pure, natural and very concentrated, its prepara tion gives it anti-allergic, sanitizing and softening properties.
Compostion: Montmorillonite green clay from Ventoux, Rhassoul beige clay, Apricot kernel vegetable oil, Bergamot essential oils, Exotic ver bena, Tea tree.

Article numbers: 

8020053101 F.N.A. green clay shampoo 1000ml