F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider pads

Something about Cavallo Horse & Rider pads

All saddles, even custom-made ones, have flaws such as asymmetry. Many horses favor one side over the other, and few riders are completely balanced. Horses are most comfortable when weight is evenly distributed along their muscular structure. Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads compensate for inevitable problems in weight distribution. Specially engineered to contract and expand where needed, TSP pads use a combination of four technologically advanced, lightweight materials that mold to your horse’s body to absorb shock and ease saddle fit problems. TSP pads can even correct bridging problems, improve issues with low or high withered horses, and take care of concerns relating to growth, fitness level and aging.

What makes the Cavallo pad unique in it‘s kind?

1. Patented Nitrex Closed-Cell Foam: Non-PVC foam that has low resilience and low penetration value, resulting in excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning and rebound (G-value energy return). Far superior to traditional foams.
– soft and lightweight
– water-absorption-free

2. Open-Cell Memory Foam to enhance saddle fit:
– releases as the rider shifts weight to vary pressure and gently massages the muscles, promoting healthy circulation
– evenly distributes rider and saddle weight on the muscles
– contracts where the saddle is tight and remains full where the saddle has less contact.

3. New Zealand Merino Wool:100% Merino Wool carded and consolidated into a dense material. The resulting cloth is then heat-bonded to enhance dimensional stability, durability and abrasion resistance.
high directional stability to maintain shape
– resilient
– durable
– wicks away moisture
– breathable and insulating

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 209 all purpose

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 609 wedge

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 409 raised withers

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 1001 western all purpose

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 1001 DMXL Full Monty

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 3001 western bridge

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 809 western built up

F.R.A.® Cavallo Horse & Rider TSP 509 barrel/endurance/stock