F.R.A.® classic

Something about the classic range

Of course, classic articles such as cavessons, lunging items, leather bits and various types of reins make part of our range. Reins with clip, buckle, Conway or studhook closures, including a wide range of long reins up to 12.20mtr. The reins also have various finishes with stoppers or anti-slip, but also smooth leather reins are in our range.

Much of the F.R.A. items are available in sizes from mini-shetty to shire.

In the F.R.A. range you will also find many cotton items. For most of these items you can choose from five color combinations, this range of color combinations is indicated under the letters A to E and we call them F.R.A. ruchi colors. You can find this letter code under the article numbers.



F.R.A.® peli

F.R.A.® baro

F.R.A.® keto

F.R.A.® bodanza

F.R.A.® tabal

F.R.A.® tabal with chin belt

F.R.A.® stirrup leathers

F.R.A.® lunging help

F.R.A.® gregor

F.R.A.® sven

F.R.A.® svendy

F.R.A.® shiraz

F.R.A.® tabi

F.R.A.® amar

F.R.A.® roma

F.R.A.® Cavallo fly mask

F.R.A.® Cavallo fly mask

F.R.A.® pardi

F.R.A.® pessoa

F.R.A.® lunging bit strap

F.R.A.® blanket belt

F.R.A.® lunging girth

F.R.A.® unica

F.R.A.® armi

F.R.A.® tamar

F.R.A.® madora

F.R.A.® gabi

F.R.A.® difona

F.R.A.® parsha

F.R.A.® bueno

F.R.A.® dallas

F.R.A.® adil

F.R.A.® conway

F.R.A.® janosch

F.R.A.® el camin

F.R.A.® jarn

F.R.A.® tiara

F.R.A.® dandy

F.R.A.® janosch long reins

F.R.A.® lily long reins

F.R.A.® adil long reins

F.R.A.® taro

F.R.A.® ico

F.R.A.® kolya