F.R.A.® hoof care

Something about hoof care

Hoof care is an important part of horse care. The position and condition of the hooves largely determine the well-being and musculoskeletal system of a horse.

There is no difference in care between older and young horses when it comes to hooves. Cleaning and trimming is important at all age stages. Ailments such as rock jet, fungal infections and ulcers are just as common in young and old horses. That has more to do with care and hygiene than with age. It is true that an older horse generally becomes stiffer and more rigid and has more difficulty with “giving foot”.

F.R.A. offers in its range basic equipment for hoof care. In it you will find the F.R.A. simple rasp, a hollow-shaped hand rasp that helps you take care of the hoof growth between tricks. You will also find the F.R.A. hoof stand with horn wall support and a hoof apron in the range.

Within the article line of F.N.A. you will find an extensive range of articles that support the healthy hoof, especially in the transition to ride without metal shoes.

F.R.A.® simple rasp

F.R.A.® replaceable wrought iron blade

F.R.A.® hoof stand

F.R.A.® hoofstand support

F.R.A.® U-Form rasp

F.R.A.® hoofrasp alu​minium

F.N.A.® hoof hard

F.N.A.® hoof grow

F.N.A.® hoof daily

F.R.A.® farrier aprons

F.R.A.® hoofjack