F.R.A.® natural horsemanship

Something about natural horsemanship

Belonging to the group of NH articles you will find in the F.R.A. assortment including various ropes and sticks for horsemanship, among other things, groundwork with your horse.

F.R.A.® offers you a wide choice of training halters, in various thicknesses and sizes. All F.R.A.® halters are in detail, in order to prevent fraying, finished in a professional manner. Two of the three versions are available in the F.R.A.® ruchi colours. All halters are also to use as riding halters in system 3, more explanation thereof is to find on the infor-mation label on each halter.

You can choose from: F.R.A.® babia, the basic training halter in three sizes, pony, cob and full made of 8 mm polypropylene rope. This halter is available in the 5 F.R.A.® ruchi colours.

F.R.A.® pablo, a professional training halter in three sizes made of 7mm thick polypropylene. The neck and nose area of the pablo has a leather padding. This halter is, in addition to three basic colours, also available in the 5 F.R.A.® ruchi colours.

F.R.A.® capal, this from 6mm thick polypropylene manufactured professional training halter, is provided with nubuck leather in the neck and nose area. It is available in 4 sizes, from shetty to horse, each size in a different standard colour.

F.R.A.® professional riding and training halters are tightly connected to the head of the horse. They certainly need to be tight in the beginning, because during use the halter will stretch a little and the knots will tighten.

Training halters can be used in many applications. The specific and practical use of training and riding halters will be different for each specific situation and will therefore be decided by the user, with or without professional advice.

You measure the F.R.A.® halters by taking the circumference of the nose just below the cheekbones:

  • <than 52cm Shetty
  • 52-60cm pony
  • 60-68cm cob
  • 68-78cm full

F.R.A.® riding– training halters are machine washable at a low temperature. If leather is used on the halter a special leather-wool detergent is to be used.


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