F.R.A.® lazy

pony, cob and full

black, beige, bordeaux, pink, purple and navy

A unique training rope halter with an easy sliding knot system. This means that it takes seconds to put the rope halter on your horse as there are no fiddly knots to do up!

The Lazy training rope halter has been developed by “Steve Sevenhans” a natural horsemanship trainer. Steve has had over 30 years of experience in training horses and people at his former location “Two Lazy Seven Ranch” in Belgium. As a result, he not only learned to solve problems with horses and riders, but he also learned a lot about the use of materials. This is how the unique “Two Lazy Seven Halter” was created.

We are excited to announce that we have entered a partnership with Steve and have named his halter “F.R.A. ® Lazy”.

The features of this unique rope halter are!
– A simple slide system knot (i-depot 135369)
– A european product
– Easy to detach
– Easy to wash
– Suitable for riding

you can click here to find a description how to use the sliding knot

Article numbers:

4300341801 F.R.A. lazy pony beige
4300341812 F.R.A. lazy pony bordeaux
4300341817 F.R.A. lazy pony black
4300341823 F.R.A. lazy pony pink
4300341841 F.R.A. lazy pony navy
4300341855 F.R.A. lazy pony purple
4300341901 F.R.A. lazy cob beige
4300341912 F.R.A. lazy cob bordeaux
4300341917 F.R.A. lazy cob black
4300341923 F.R.A. lazy cob pink
4300341941 F.R.A. lazy cob navy
4300341955 F.R.A. lazy cob purple
4300342101 F.R.A. lazy full beige
4300342112 F.R.A. lazy full bordeaux
4300342117 F.R.A. lazy full black
4300342123 F.R.A. lazy full pink
4300342141 F.R.A. lazy full navy
4300342155 F.R.A. lazy full purple