Closer to your horse … the F.R.A.® bareback pads offer a simple and enjoyable solution to ride.

Bareback pads are in fact no more than pads in differ- ent shapes that are placed on the bare back of your horse. They offer the possibility to have a direct communication with your horse.

Your horse will move more freely and with more fun with a bareback pad instead of a treed saddle. Therefore, it can better focus on rider and a real trust between rider and horse will arise. Because each muscle tension and all the movements in the back are tangible, it will be easier to improve the timing and aids on the reins. This will improve you riding skills.

F.R.A.® bareback pads are designed for use by experienced riders. The rider must have an independent seat and a good balance. His goal is to optimize his seat and feelings thanks to this pad.

For the less experienced rider, the choice to use or not a bareback pad depends on his own judgement. The pad can help finding an independent seat and feel the movements of the horse. But since the inexperienced rider generally doesn’t follow all the horse’s move- ments the help of a more experienced rider or trainer is recommended while using a bareback pad.

The result of staying behind every movement of your horse is bouncing on the horses’ back and being afraid of falling off. Bareback pads are the perfect instruments to teach you not to bounce anymore.

The total absence of hard materials (like tree saddles) give the rider better sense because of the close contact with muscles and movements of your horse.

More with less; bareback pads and treeless saddles maximize the feeling of flexibility of movement. This feeling helps the learning process to be a pleasant time and takes away all fear of the rider.

F.R.A.® bareback pads are all characterized by a cutback shape on the withers and its’ anatomical design. In addition, the materials used allow full freedom and development of the horses’ anatomy. F.R.A.® offers a wide and complete range of styles, sizes and versions.

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