In this post we want to introduce you to the hoof boot phenomenon and its use. We answer your questions here!

Why hoof boots?

  • To protect your horse’s hoofs at the moment that it suits you and your horse, you want to reach natural proportions and you only burden your horse with irons when strictly necessary.
  • Healthy hoofs are of an utmost importance, enormous forces are released on the hoofs, especially in the gallop and during Hoof boots do not at all interfere with the hoof mechanism and optimize the hoofs’ condition.
  • To change over to permanently riding without irons. Hoofs can become so strong that you can easily ride on hard and uneven ground. With hoof boots you can easily let your horse get used to that fact, the hoofs will be able to get harder and not wear off so quickly. It stands to reason that such an objective can only be met with regularly riding on hard and uneven ground. Normally, however, we will have to protect the horse’s hoofs, because we ourselves find it unpleasant to walk barefooted on gravel or pebbles.
  • Any horse is better off when using hoof boots, it is specifically an ideal solution for problem hoofs where booting is no longer possible. In all cases it contributes to curing and pain relieving.
  • On a yearly basis it cuts the cost of shoeing, while taking care of the hoofs in a horse friendly manner!
  • Shod hoofs limit the maintenance of the hoofs, when using hoof boots you can maintain them any given moment.

Why should I stop using irons?

  • I feel an urge to have an as natural as possible BENEFIT FOR MY HORSE contact with my horse.
  • Modern techniques seem to have found a way to a good alternative. My horse wasn’t born with irons, the notion of irons has purely become ACCEPTED AS ‘NORMAL’current as “normal”.

Are hoof boots heavy?

This varies enormously. The CAVALLO FRA hoof boots are relatively light and lighter than an average hoof boot AND ONLY WEIGH ABOUT THE SAME AS A WIDE WEB METAL SHOE.


Will the hoof boots always stay on when used?

YES WHEN FITTED PROPERLY CAVALLO BOOTS STAY ON IN ANY CONDITION INCLUDING MUD, RIVERS AND VERY AGGRESSIVE TERRAIN the risk varies enormously with the make. FRA Cavallo lays claim, when using the right size, that the hoof boots cannot be lost under any circumstance.

How long will hoof boots generally last?

Many factors play their role, in which of course the intensity of their use are crucial. In general practice has proven that the cost of purchasing hoof boots equals out the cost of booting with irons, in which again the difference in purchasing costs the make plays a crucial role. WITH AVERAGE USE YOUR CAVALLOS WILL LAST ONE TO TWO YEARS.

Are there different sizes?

Yes, you must always aim for an ideal fit. A not correctly fitting boot will always give problems. Every make has its own set of sizes, F.R.A Cavallo is is to be had in seven sizes. Further on in this brochure you will find a description of these sizes.

Can I ascertain the size myself?

  • Every make hoof boot has its own measuring techniques, with the first you cannot do it yourself and with the other you can.
  • With regard to the F.R.A. Cavallo it is rather easy, the most ideal moment is after the horse hoofs have been trimmed. To ascertain the measurement we can make use of the measuring flyer.

Cavallo Hufschuhe Messtechniken

Are hoof boots suitable for every horse?

No, we cannot just say that hoof boots are suitable for every horse.

Hoof boots are more or less not suitable in the following cases:

  • When your horse drags its hoofs over the ground it will cause excessive wear and tear to the sole.
  • When your horse walks so narrow that the boots slide along each other in every gait; this will cause excessive wear and tear to the inner side of the boots.

Are there optional protective facilities?

Not all makes offer these options, F.R.A. Cavallo offers you facilities for particular circumstances or to satisfy your own feelings.

  • pastern wraps
  • gel pad inlay soles
  • socks
  • studs

Are hoof boots easy to put on and remove?

This depends on the product. There are differences between products, from little pumps up to good and less good closures. A very important feature of the F.R.A. Cavallo is the simplicity with which the boots can be put on and removed, you will find a description in the special measuring leaflet.

Which are the specific disadvantages of hoof boots?

  • Of relatively many products, MANY OTHER HOOF BOOTS ARE DIFFICULT TO PUT on or remove.
  • With relatively many products relatively EXCEPT FOR CAVALLO many hoof boots one or more are lost during a ride.
  • Hoof boots DO NOT ALLOW makING sliding stops.
  • The well known “clickety clack” sound of the irons is gone.

Which are the specific advantages of using hoof boots?

  • The hoofs aren’t weakened by nails.
  • Less costs.
  • Less pressure on the joints.
  • You only use them when needed.
  • Fewer injuries.
  • Most products use shock absorbing materials, together with the flexibility of the unshod hoof they form an excellent buffer.
  • The effect of the hoof mechanism is not hindered.
  • Give more grip than irons.


F.R.A. Cavallo

the simplest hoof boot in the world!

  • One simple, multiple front fastening with industrial grade Velcro closures.
  • The boot is simply put on and removed in one action.
  • The boot stays securely on the hoof.
  • Shaped for the natural hoof.
  • The sole is free of pressure because of an integrated high density inner rim supporting the load bearing hoof wall.
  • The anatomically preformed rear side protects the hoof balls.
  • The genuine leather construction is soft and comfortable.
  • On the top side the construction has been finished with a soft, leather, foam-filled collar.
  • To be had in seven sizes, easy to determine with the measuring list.

The hoof boot is made of durable materials: 1st quality leather, waterproof stitching, stainless steel metal, and a high performance TPU (thermo plastic urethane) outsole.

Built-in drainage grooves prevent sucking into the mud, the hoof boot is light and shock absorbing.

It also promotes the growth of healthy hoofs, an unlimited functioning causes an optimum blood circulation.