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Something about sheepskin

Why abstain your horse from softness? F.R.A.® sheepskin a blessing for your horse!

the sheepskin collection

Under our trade name Freedom Riding Articles®  you will find a complete line of sheepskin products for rider and horse. Produced in Austria and China via a combination of meticulous fabrication and implementation of qualitatively high standard merino sheepskin and quilted cotton material. The whole line distinguishes itself by clarity in quality, packing, description, measuring and availability per product. Every product is provided with an explanation on a label with a washing prescription in four languages.

The assortment is broad and deep, so you may find virtually all products in several colours, colour combinations and measures. Next to the several colours the natural sheepskin in the original natural colour is specifically stylish. In the F.R.A.® fur line you will find next to a basic line of mats a line of many items in a de luxe version and the F.R.A.® premium collection, a line in the top segment of fur items.

F.R.A.® sheepskin products may be distinguished by:

  • Lamb-and sheepskins are as natural as our own skin because they consist of the same components. Unlike cotton, which of 100% carbohydrate and is thus an ideal host for fungi, bacteria and viruses in wet and warm conditions, wool and leather consist of 100% proteins which do not act as host for bacteria and viruses.
  • F.R.A.® sheepskin products care medicinally; they possess a therapeutic value, they stimulate the health and operate generally positively on a total health through breathing- and temperature equalizing qualities.
  • Due to their unique structure wool fibres regulate temperature and humidity. This prevents sweating in hot conditions and freezing on cold days.
  • F.R.A.® sheepskin products do not give a culture medium to bacteria and prevent pressure- and shaving-points. They stimulate the bloodstream and neutralize muscular tensions.
  • Lamb– and sheepskin are soft, elastic, breathable and extremely durable. In contact with fresh, oxygenic air they are self-cleaning.
  • F.R.A.® sheepskin products are unique in design, the general design as well as anatomically, they are unique in the materials used and are easy to wash, with which of course our washing prescriptions must be maintained. (article number 8205107501 F.N.A wool and leather detergent N5).

The horse as well as the rider find in these products the perfect combination of sportive, optical and wellness aspects together.

F.R.A.® sheepskin saddle pad premium dressage

F.R.A.® sheepskin saddle pad premium dressage full fur

F.R.A.® sheepskin saddle pad

F.R.A.® sheepskin saddle pad extra

F.R.A.® sheepskin saddle pad de luxe full fur

F.R.A.® sheepskin saddle pad de luxe

F.R.A.® full fur saddle pad

F.R.A.® sheepskin pad treeles extra

F.R.A.® full fur western pad

F.R.A.® half pad premium

F.R.A.® half pad basic

F.R.A.® half pad de luxe

F.R.A.® half pad de luxe extra

F.R.A.® seat saver english

F.R.A.® seat saver english premium

F.R.A.® seat saver western with pommel cutout

F.R.A.® seat saver western without pommel cutout

F.R.A.® seat saver western with pommel cutout premium

F.R.A.® seat saver western without pommel cutout premium

F.R.A.® seat saver treeless

F.R.A.® tail sleeve

F.R.A.® harness protector

F.R.A.® nose sleeve

F.R.A.® girth sleeve

F.R.A.® grooming glove

F.R.A.® lambskin

F.R.A.® sheepskin care