F.R.A.® casual wear

Something about the F.R.A. casual wear

Under F.R.A. casual wear you will find an assortment of hats in normal and brushed leather, in 5 sizes for every season.

Properties of the F.R.A. hats:
all hats are dimensionally stable, waterproof and windproof, you determine the size by measuring the circumference of your head above the ears.

F.R.A.® faria

F.R.A.® tabasca

F.R.A.® simba

F.R.A.® bendit

F.R.A.® adjamo

F.R.A.® padron

F.R.A.® gabana

F.R.A.® macy

F.R.A.® taibo

F.R.A.® faana