Once upon a time …

There was a horse named “Freedom”, a Dutch bred gelding (KWPN) from the famous stallion Ahorn. He was the basis of the F.R.A.® product line. It is his picture, at the age of 19, and his name that does him honour on the registered F.R.A. ® trademark and logo. This product line has been launched on the market by the wholesale business “Wilde Äcker GmbH” with import and export activities.

It was this horse, with a wither height of 182 cm. and at this moment (2017) 30 years of age, that at the age of 14 changed over to bit-less riding. It gave the company’s founder the idea that there might well be a potential need in the market for horse friendly products. Now 12 years later the F.R.A. ® trademark with her slogan

“….. when your relationship with your horse may be different……”

has a steady fixed part of supply of these products on the equestrian market.

The F.R.A.® product line  (fully written: Freedom Riding Articles ®) is active in the field of a specialist segment of the equestrian market. The products distinguish themselves in the fact that there are characteristic overlaps with natural, horse friendly aspects. Therefore you will not find traditional saddles and bit bridles but you will find a wide range of bit-less bridles and bare-back pads. A wide range of fur products also finds its way to the end user.

Furthermore she  promotes iron-less riding next to bit-less and tree-less riding. The wholesaler is importer and distributor of the Cavallo hoofBoots in Europe.

Since the foundation of the business in 2004 and after the registration of the F.R.A. ® trademark the company paid a lot of attention to the development of their own products and steadily expanded their product range.For a complete overview of the product range, please have a look at the digital F.R.A. ® catalogue.

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