A word on bitless riding

In fact riding a horse has nothing to do with using force. A lot of literature learns us that only the weight of the reins is enough to give the wanted aids. This means that a delicate rider’s hand should never hurt a horse. This delicate rider’s hand finds its source in a perfect independent seat, a perfect relaxation and in an ultimate sense of wanting to communicate wit your horse. Unfortunately little horsemen find this sense an seat . So riding a horse with or without a bit has no significance at all if you control your horse correctly with only the aids of your legs and seat. With that reflection in mind it is mainly the riders capacities that determine which bridle to choose and thus which degree of horse-friendliness you will use to communicate with your horse. Lots of horsewomen and horsemen are looking for a way to communicate more gentle and more natural with their horse. Acknowledge that their seat and their hands are not enough independent is a first step in the good direction to demonstrate the love towards their horse. It speaks for itself that a lot of these riders are interested in the bitless bridles.

Because the absence of a metal piece on the mouth, independent of the rider’s delicate hand that knows how to use it, will give a sensation of softness and well understanding between horse and rider.

Bitless bridles are not new!

For centuries the bitless bridles where taken for granted. Before even thinking about putting a metal piece in the horses’ mouth riders laid simply something around the mouth. A lead rope used as a halter was at the time enough and that’s how bitless bridles saw the light. Combined with the weight, legs and sensitive aids, the hands will keep contact with the horses’ head and not his mouth. These rein aids are transmitted to the nose, neck and cheeks. F.R.A.® bitless offers you a wide range of bitless bridles; in size from Shetland to shire; with different de- signs and in materials from cotton to leather.


One of the starting points for choosing the right bitless bridle is in the degree of influence that the rider chooses to give his hand signals on to the horse’s head. The bridle will translate them in commands as stop, turn or combinations of both. It goes without saying that if the distinctive character of the signals is greater, they will be better understood by the horse. A less sensitive horse will react less on these distinctive signals than a more sensitive horse.


F.R.A. ® gives you this facility. In a clear graphic called “the bitless bar”, you will find five categories of our F.R.A. ® bitless bridles.

Although several factors play, we can state that the more sensitive the horse is, the less there will be the need to diversify the aid of the reins. In simple terms from less to more. System 1 to system 5. All F.R.A. ® bitless bridles are provide with an information label with a number and a colour. In addition you will find on this label all models and sizes available for this system. This information label explains in details how the system works and is to be used.

Further information you can get by one of our dealers. For an address of a dealer in you area or for any questions you can send us an email directly.

F.R.A.® products are distinguished into opportunities to go in a different way with you horse, a relationshop which many horse lovers desire, they offer love, joy, trust and above all freedom between man and horse! Moreover, the characteristic appearance of Freedom Riding Articles® products give you a warm feeling …