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Pur sang is a line of products based on what we find on the market, but then improved to increase the comfort of the horse and rider!
Our products are designed and thought through thanks to many years of experience in the field of Saddle Fitting and Equine Ergonomics.
It is also a brand that responds to market demands and is therefore constantly evolving and improving.

But Pur Sang is also:

Pure Technique: nothing is left to chance, our products are designed and considered for horses and riders. Shapes and materials are therefore not just a design, they have meaning.

Pure Comfort: mesh fibers, imitated rabbit fur and ramie textile are chosen on purpose to provide maximum comfort for our equines.

Pure Ethics: our products and packaging are – where possible – used with plant-based materials to leave the smallest possible footprint on our environment.

Pur Sang half pads

Pur Sang saddle pads

Pur Sang girths

Pur Sang seat savers