F.R.A.® jabar

pony, cob and full

red with black finish in nose part

8mm polypropylene

F.R.A.® professional training – riding halters fit snugly to the horse’s head. In the beginning the halters may be on the tight side because during use the halter becomes a little wider due to some stretching and tightening of the knots. Cotton reins to use include the F.R.A. gabi in red or black and F.R.A. madora in black or red/green.

Article numbers:

4300351822 FF.R.A. jabar / trainingshalter 8mm (syst.3) nylon pony braided noseband, red
4300351922 F.R.A. jabar / trainingshalter 8mm (syst.3) nylon cob braided noseband, red
4300352122 F.R.A. jabar / trainingshalter 8mm (syst.3) nylon full braided noseband, red